Borrowing Money to Make your Life Better

When to Borrow

Borrowing money at any point in time in your life should be something that you consider for a moment. You could be borrowing money to pay off bills,to start a new business, to get a new car etc,etc. There are many things that you could borrow money for. My thought is this, you should eliminate some of the wants that you have and hopefully you are not focusing on needs because if this be the case maybe you shouldn’t ask for a loan in the first place. I know that it is contradictory but think for a moment; borrowing money to just cover your needs will not move you above your current socioeconomic status. after I was in a much better financial situation a few years later, I still borrowed money. In 2004 I purchased a new car — against my general recommendation to buy used but the factors in play pointed towards a new car in my particular situation. The need for long-term reliability and no surprised directed me towards a reliable brand (Honda Civic) and a late model at that; certified used Honda Civics were only slightly less expensive than new cars, and the value seemed right to me. See more…

Borrow Money When You Don’t Need It

The best time to borrow money is when you don’t need it. That sounds so crazy. Well this is the time that banks will give you better interest rates because you are not high risk. Moreover it helps to have leverage in the deal. Equity shifts the tables when getting any type of loan. You are guaranteed to get a lower interest rate.

You have to do your due diligence when it comes to dealing with these financial institutions as they truly are in the business of making money and not giving it away. If you haven’t gotten a loan before I suggest that you explore this blog as there are many tips that will be available to you. The main advice that I can give you is this. If you don’t like the deal then don’t take it.

Personally the best time for me to borrow money is when I think that I am going to make more. You have heard this so many times. Money makes money.


Many of us think about making investments in life, planning on a big return some time in the future or earning good and handsome money via some affiliate commissions. However, in times like these (particularly), when many of us feel the banks are unsafe and would prefer to have our money tied up elsewhere, investment can seem like a great option. Needless to say, investment requires a little extra cash. If this isn’t available based on your regular income, then is borrowing the right thing to do?

Making a good investment is all about timing. If you buy at the right time and invest in a healthy stock, the returns are sure to be worthwhile. Getting there first is the key to securing a good investment.

No matter how great an investment you are able to spot, if you are unable to buy in until six months down the line, when you have some funds freed up, you are likely to reduce your profit by a considerable amount. This is when people opt to borrow money to invest. more here…